Orpaz Defense Low Ride + Paddle Belt Holster/Magazine Attachment Low profile & Light-weight

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Belt Clip Holster Attachment & Paddle for ORPAZ Holsters and Magazine pouches
The low ride fits all belt wide up to 2.1" \ 5.33 cm & duty belts
Low profile + Paddle
Made in Israel
Belt Adapter Low Ride + Paddle For ORPAZ Holster. Carry sidearms with improved comfort and accessibility using the Orpaz Low-Ride Universal Belt Adapter. Belt Clip Holster Attachment for all Paddle ORPAZ Holsters and Magazine pouches. Especially useful for operators wearing body armor or tactical vests, the lower positioning prevents the pistol from catching on equipment upon draw. The unique, screw-less design allows it to securely attach to duty belts w/out pinching and bruising the hip bone. Its durable polymer construction offers a lightweight alternative to traditional belt loops without sacrificing strength. Made in Israel. Color: Black