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Welcome to Made In Israel Tactical Online Store.
We have been in business since 2005 and it is our mission to bring great value, service & quality to shopping online to our clients.MII-Tactical is a supplier for law enforcement agencies, security companies and civilians around the world. All the products are combat proven and in use by the IDF and Police SWAT team all over the world.We believe that quality product and good service can come together with attractive price without the customer compromise on nothing.
We sell the best items that are Made In Israel in order to maximize the combat performance of etch and every one that use them.
We have a wide range of products, each with its own unique set of features.Etch item was develop and manufacture to the highest-quality, most ergonomic, and most innovative tactical weapons accessories.
Rest assured, your product is covered by our comprehensive warranty. And our customer service team is just an email or a call away.
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IMI Defense :
Is a privately-owned company based in Israel. It was founded in 2002 by Mr. Nisim Zusman to develop and manufacture the highest-quality, most ergonomic, and most innovative tactical weapons accessories, components and parts in the world in order to maximize the combat performance of Israeli and US military Special Operations Forces (SOF) and civilian tactical shooters. Nisim built a team of experienced engineers, gunsmiths, product designers, shooters and manufacturers, most of them with Military/Police/Other Agencies backgrounds in the Israeli Defense community. They started with the development of the first polymer AR magazine, ergonomic pistol grips, etc. and simultaneously began making standard AR parts like bolt carrier group parts, G.I. handguards from modern polymers, and more. IMI Defense then collaborated with key industry players/partners within its business network to sell its products as OEM parts to major tactical firearms 
Orpaz Defense:
was founded in 1990 by a veteran of the Israeli police SWAT unit, after identifying a real and present operational demand from his unit comrades for higher quality weapon-systems than the ones they used during their service. Since its inception and to the present day, all design, development and production of ORPAZ Carry gear is done in Israel while maintaining a close and continuous collaboration with national security elements and elite combat units, both in Israel, as well as worldwide. The highest quality textiles and polymers in the market are meticulously selected to provide our valued customers with the most reliable and ergonomic, yet rugged and hassle-free carry gear. We pride ourselves on our innovative products, and our family of dedicated employees consisting of professional production, product-development and marketing teams. By choosing ORPAZ as your next carry gear, you can be confident of getting combat-proven products, backed by years of operational experience on various flashpoints around the globe, and a lifetime guarantee. Why choose ORPAZ Holsters? ORPAZ holsters represent the next leap in the continuing evolution of holster design. ORPAZ holsters combine the proven advantages of: 0 Polymer construction for light weight and durability. 0 Comfortable paddle design on most models. 0 High Riding. Full Master Grip.