Secure and Fast IMI H&K VP9 / SFP9 9mm Polymer Retention Holster

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IMI-Z1385 - H&K VP9 / SFP9 9mm Polymer Retention Holster

Features & benefits:

• Comfortable contoured fit
• Retention with zero time to disengage
• Sits where your trigger finger normally slides at "The Ready"
• Simply depress the lever and remove the firearm
• Fully adjustable for cant
• Rotates 360 degrees for every application (small of back, cross draw)
• Tension screw
• Made of durable black polymer
• Adjusts with a simple allen key
• Designed for military & police personnel. Great for civilians & off duty officers
• Detachable single magazine pouch rail
• Right handed Polymer Holster
• Protective sight channel

Made in Israel